This is a registration method for RCM type robots in CT or MRI scanners. The method is based on aligning the procedure needle held by the robot with the laser markers of the imager. With this, the robot can automatically orient the needle towards a target selected in an image slice. The skin entry point and target location may be contained in the same or in different slices. Needle insertion may then be performed under joystick control or automatically under direct fluoroscopic (CT fluoroscopy, CTF) observation and control of the physician.

CT-guided spine RF ablation

In-vitro tests showed an accuracy of less than 1 mm in-slice and 1.5 mm for out-of-slice targets. The method was successfully used for kidney, lung, liver, and spine biopsy and RF ablations, nephrostomy tube placements, and neobladder access. These showed a significant improvement over the manual method, in which the needle is restricted to the CTF plane. The studies also showed that the use of the robot reduces radiation exposure for the patient and medical personnel.

The laser registration method applies but is not restricted to the RCM and AcuBot X-Ray guided robotic systems.


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